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Malawi Industrial Research and Technology Development Centre

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Our Vision

"To be the leader in industrial research, technology development and transfer in Malawi"

Mission Statement

"MIRTDC, in partnerships with stakeholders, provides high quality industrial research and technology development services by responding to technology needs that support national development policies and improve the quality of life of Malawians"

Our Objectives

  1. Conduct industrial research in areas of testing, analysis and evaluation of raw materials, and intermediate products; carry out technical investigations to improve the quality of finished products and increase process efficiency.
  2. Conduct technology development work in areas of new and indigenous technological process for new products; and asses, acquire, adopt and adapt imported technologies
  3. Provide technical information services on local, regional and international sources of consultancy services, suitable technologies, testing and research development in techno-economic fields.
  4. Conduct identification and appraisal of technological needs, and carry out techno-economic studies, and provide consultancy and industrial extension services.
  5. Carry out general industrial problem analysis and design research projects on a cost-sharing basis with industries, to solve the problems through engineering design.
  6. Acquire, administer, operate and maintain MIRTDC structures, fittings and equipment for the conduct of research and technology development programmes in industry.
  7. Coordinate and participate in industrial research and technology development activities that earn MIRTDC income to supplement the organization's annual operating budget.
  8. Ensure proper financial management of the Centre in a transparent and accountable manner.
  9. Undertake any other activities assigned by the Trustees as being appropriate for the advancement of industrial research and technology development.

Governance and Organization Structure

The Centre operates a market oriented organisation structure(pdf) comprising of the Technical Services Department, the Commercial Services Department and the Finance and Administration Department.  These departments possess well qualified and experienced calibre of staff in various fields of technological and socio-economic development.

The Technical Services Department which is mainly involved in Research and Development and Technology Production and has professional expertise in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Chemical Technology, Food Technology, Production Management, Project Management, Environmental Management and Renewable Energy Management.

The Commercial Services Department which is mainly the marketing arm of the Centre is primarily involved in technology transfer and commercialisation, entrepreneurship development, conducting feasibility studies for investment projects, dissemination and promoting subcontracting and partnership linkages between small and medium enterprises and large scale enterprises. The Department is staffed with personnel of the following background and expertise: Economics, Marketing, Information Science, Project Management and Business Administration, among others. The Department ensures that the operations of the Centre respond to market needs.

The Finance and Administration Department  which is mainly involved in administrative and financial management of the Centre has expertise in Organisational Management and Administration, accounts and Financial Management.

The Centre also has well established technical links with expertise locally and abroad which provide the much needed network and collaboration in addressing the needs of sustainable development of  Malawi.

Trust Deed

The MIRTDC was created by a Trust Deed(pdf) signed on the 6th Day of November, One Thousands and Nine Hundred and Ninety One (1991) by The Secretary for Trade and Industry, The Secretary to the President and Cabinet, The Secretary for Research and Environmental Affairs, The Secretary to the Treasury, The Research Coordinator of the University of Malawi, The General Manager of the Malawi Bureau of Standards and the Chairman of the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malawi (Hereinafter referred to as the “Original Trustees”).

Board of Trustees

MIRTDC is headed by a Board of Trustees which is headed by Mr. Kumwembe)

Technical Committees of the Board

The Technical Committees of the Board provide technical and advisory services to the Board. The current Technical Committees are the Finance and Administration Committee and the Business and Technical Advisory Committee.

Executive Management

MIRTDC Executive Management is headed by the Director General Dr. Christopher Guta. Management List>


The Board of Director of MIRTDC appointed Graham and Carr a reputable firms of Auditors operating in Malawi, to conduct annual audits of the Centre's finances and assets.